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Your truly treasured garment

Your wedding gown may be the most special dress that you will ever wear. It is very common, after the festivities of a wedding day, for the bride’s gown to be marked and stained. With a wedding gown being a treasured keepsake for many brides, we know how important it is to restore it as close to it’s original state as possible.

Let our wedding dress experts return your gown to its best possible condition.

What does our Wedding Dress Cleaning Service include?

Evaluation and Quote – No obligation or Charge
Our Customer Service Representatives will show your gown to our preservation specialist who will then speak to you about the cleaning process. We will provide you with a quote and an expected completion date.

Exclusive Hand Cleaning Process
Our cleaning specialist will spend countless hours spot cleaning your wedding gown, paying particular attention to staining around the hem line and in another other areas we see necessary. If need be, our wedding dress specialist will clean the gown over and over, until he is certain that it is as spotless as it can be. Extra delicate attention will be paid to lace, sequins and beading and any trimming on the dress. Your gown will receive individual attention and will never be cleaned in combination with other gowns.

Treatment of Stains
Many stains such containing sugar, salt, acid etc. often dry clear and cannot be seen to the naked eye. These stains can turn brown over time. Our unique stain treatment ensures that all stains are removed.

Expert Inspection
You are very welcome to arrange a time to visit our premises to inspect your wedding gown before it is stored/preserved. Should you desire to view the preservation of your gown we will proudly accommodate your request.

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