Do you have a coat, jacket or ski wear that you would like protected against the rain or weather in general?

Do you have a garment that your regularly clean?

If you answered ‘yes’, then it is definitely worth considering reproofing the garment!

Reproofing is a specialist service that is available from Centennial Dry Cleaners. Reproofing assists in restoring your garment’s original water-proofing, which is often lost when the garment is worn or exposed to the elements and/or extensive cleaning.

Reproofing is particularly recommended when you have garments that you wear to protect yourself from the weather eg. rain or snow. The process will not only improve the general look of the fabric but will also extend its life and will restore the fabric.

As well as making fabric more water resistant, reproofing assists in making your garment less susceptible to water based stains.

So, if you have home furnishings or treasured garments that you want protected from water or drinks, then Reproofing is the answer!

What can be Reproofed?

  • Most Clothing (just check with us), especially Trench Coats, Parkers and Jackets
  • Leather & Suede Jacketds
  • Ski Apparel
  • Hand Bags
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Children’s Clothing – Uniforms etc.
  • Home Furnishings – Couch Covers, Cushion Covers etc.

Next time you have your wet weather garments dry cleaned, speak to a Centennial Dry Cleaners representative about having it reproofed.

* Please note, our Reproofing Service takes an additional day (2 Day Turnaround)

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