Centennial Dry Cleaners has always been committed to helping preserve the environment and its resources and we have recently made another major move towards become ‘Green’. As a company we are researching and implementing more environmentally sound practices and utilising environmentally friendly solutions and machinery in addition to traditional solvents.

Recycling Coat Hangers
Customers can also do their part in helping the environment by involving themselves in our simple ‘recycling program’. Centennial Dry Cleaners recycles coat hangers, so when you have taken an item off the hanger, you can store it and then return your coathangers with your next order. This not only helps the environments but also helps you stay organised and save room in your cupboards.

Other Environmentally Conscious Practices

  • 35% of Water at our premises is Recycled via state of the art water tanks and heat exchangers. These capture steam from our production process and feed it back into the hot water unit. This reduces gas consumption also.
  • Plastic used is Oxo-Bioegradable.
  • Electricity is 50% Green Power.
  • Our staff are trained to Conserve Water and Energy through environmentally sound training.
  • We do not use a traditional Hot Water System. Water is heated by excess steam from our boiler.
  • All plastic and paper products are recycled through our local councils.
  • We are currently looking into installing solar panels at both stores to reduce our energy usage.

Energy Conservation Program
Centennial Drycleaners is participating in the Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program that is being led by the NSW Government’s Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water. This program is currently conducting an energy audit of our operations and will provide a personalised energy assessment and action plan.

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