We have an absolutely rigorous Quality Control process that all of our team adhere to.

The following checks are made on all garments that come through our stores:

  • Check for Stains or Marks on every Garment – this included front, back, sleeves, cuffs, collars, lapels, around zippers
  • Lint – all garments are brushed if required, jumpers are depilled if required and woolens are brushed
  • Ties – Lining is checked (it must be flat) and there should be no tie label impressions or shines
  • Pressing:
    • Jackets – Should be smooth all over. No lining, pocket or button impressions. Lining on sleeve cuffs should be straight. Shoulder Pads should be straight. Collars should be pressed down on back.
    • Pants – should have no double crease, lines or seam impressions
  • Buttons – check if any are missing and replace
  • Check that all Special Instructions have been followed
  • Check for No Damage to garment
  • Minor Repairs must be attended to ie. missing buttons, seams restitched
  • Presentation must be perfect i.e. garment must be straight on the hanger, no creases under pants or jumpers or tops that are folded over a hanger
Centennial Dry Cleaners

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Centennial Dry CleanersHighest quality dry cleaning performed in stores owned by the President of the Dry Cleaning Institute of NSW.

Centennial Dry Cleaners