Your investment in home furnishings is usually quite substantial.

We understand that when you outlay money on beautiful furnishings, that they require a specialty cleaning service.

Centennial Dry Cleaners are experts in cleaning all types of household items. You can trust us with the cleaning of:

  • Cushion Covers
  • Couch Covers
  • All types of household fabrics
  • Rugs (only up to 2 metres)

And if there is anything listed, please check with us and we are sure that we will be able to accommodate or at least refer you on to the expert that you need.

If you have home furnishings that haven’t been cleaned in months or even years, leave them with us and we will not only remove worn in stubborn stains but will brighten the fabric colours.

Our Home Furnishings Service is typically a 2-3 day service.

Centennial Dry Cleaners

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Centennial Dry CleanersHighest quality dry cleaning performed in stores owned by the President of the Dry Cleaning Institute of NSW.

Centennial Dry Cleaners