Deluxe Cleaning is a cleaning process we use on certain garments to preserve their fabric, shape, colours and integrity.

It is a must when it comes to certain items (see below) and is recommended if you have any garments that are delicate, expensive to purchase or are treasured items.

Deluxe items are cleaned on a short cycle and at a low temperature. They are hand finished and are treated with the care that they deserve. Due to the special care taken and the additional work required, they are charged at a higher rate.

We will always Deluxe Clean items that require it.

We also suggest that if you have delicate/special garments that you would like us to Deluxe Clean that you advise us with a note in your dry cleaning bag or at the counter.

We always deluxe dry clean garments that:

  • We determine are made out of very delicate fabric eg. Silk Chiffon, Delicate Evening Dresses
  • Garments with suede/leather trims, beads/sequins, large difficult stains, ink, coffee, wine, blood
  • Garments with a care label displaying a P symbol which is circled and underlined. The underlined P symbol is placed on the care label by the manufacturer to instruct the dry cleaner that the item must be delicately cleaned
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