We have placed dealing with customers ahead of all other procedures as we view customer service and attention to details as a vital element in continuing business.

We are aware that it is the customer who makes our business possible.

It is the customer that does us a favour by coming to us rather than we doing the customer a favour by serving them.

It is the intention of our company to:

  • Give each and every customer outstanding quality, service and value and an exceptional experience every time
  • Maintain the highest standards of business ethics in all dealings with customers, employees and suppliers
  • Develop and maintain an internal environment which encourages communication and participation of all employees in the affairs of the company and which provides the opportunity for the personal growth of each individual
  • Continually refine an review procedures and practices and implement employee training programs dedicated to producing the best possible result and service
Centennial Dry Cleaners

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Centennial Dry CleanersHighest quality dry cleaning performed in stores owned by the President of the Dry Cleaning Institute of NSW.

Centennial Dry Cleaners