What are the Benefits of Dry Cleaning?

  • Some fibres like wool, cotton, linen and acetate or viscose blends, tend to shrink, swell or become distorted in the washing process. Garments can then lose their shape. Dry Cleaning does not distort or swell these fibres and is a much more gentle process.
  • In Dry Cleaning, soil is dissolved into the solvent, whereas washing the soil is suspended and can therefore be re-deposited on the garment. It is therefore a more effective and faster cleaning method to remove spots and stains.
  • Dyes are much more likely to ‘run’ during washing.
  • Garments that have been washed are much harder to press or finish and cannot be presented back to the customer in an ‘as new’ smooth condition.

Clothing Lasts Longer 
Dirt and grit in your clothing causes abrasive wear. Dry Cleaning removes these foreign bodies from the fabric and prolongs the life of your garments.

Minimise Risk of Shrinkage
When clothes are washed, considerable fibre swelling occurs and shrinkage often results. Dry Cleaning solvents do not cause the fibre to swell and therefore garments rarely change shape.

No Water is Used
Water can cause dye runs, wrinkling and shrinkage. Dry Cleaners use water only for specific spot removal.
Taken from the Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia reference material.

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