Dry Cleaning is a process that rejuvenates your clothes and household items like no other.

Fabrics such as silk and linen should only be dry cleaned. This ensures that the garments retain their look and feel and also extends their life. Even more basic fabrics such as cotton will retain colour better and enjoy a longer life if dry-cleaned rather than being washed.

We always use the most appropriate solvents and inspect each garment individually before cleaning to make sure the garment goes through a tailored cleaning process that will result in the best cleaning results.

Our experienced dry cleaner examines and pre-spots, when necessary, every item that we receive. Our dry cleaner will do this over and over until the stain is removed and if your garment is returned with stains, that means we have tried our absolute hardest but they cannot be removed.

We adhere to the strictest regulations when it comes to proper filtration and distilling of our dry cleaning solvent.

A quality dry cleaner will always use clean solvent, as this is critical in ensuring that your garments are given the best possible clean.

Once your items have been cleaned and dry cleaned, they are handed to our pressing staff, who rather than rushing the work, dedicate time to perfectly pressing the garment.

All of this work then goes through a rigorous checking process. If our expert staff are not completely satisfied with the quality of cleaning/pressing, it is then handed back to our cleaning/pressing staff and the dry cleaning process recommences.

Centennial Dry Cleaners

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Centennial Dry CleanersHighest quality dry cleaning performed in stores owned by the President of the Dry Cleaning Institute of NSW.

Centennial Dry Cleaners