The Dry Cleaning Industry started over 100 years ago in England.

Solvents and machines through new technology have developed considerably and this has resulted in the safe and effective dry cleaning process we have today.

“Dry Cleaning is the process of washing fabrics with liquid other than water. Dry Cleaning solvents dissolve oils and fats which are not water soluble. These solvents do not swell natural fibres as does water, one of the major causes of shrinkage.”
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The main difference between ordinary washing and dry cleaning is that we use different solvents for dry cleaning.

In laundering, the solvent used is water, in dry cleaning the solvents are various spirits and alcohols which have a cleaning action that is far more effective on oil and grease than water.

At Centennial Dry Cleaners we use environmentally friendly solvents, Hydrocarbon.

The ‘Finishing’ Process involves steaming, pressing and hand ironing garments to recreate that ‘as new look’ again. All of our presses and irons are covered with fabric or Teflon to eliminate any shining and damage.

Centennial Dry Cleaners

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