At Centennial Drycleaners we have over 20 years experince in cleaning and finishing silk, avoiding colour loss and keeping its body and lustre.

Here is a little bit of information about Silk, taken from the Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia Information Cards:

“Silk is one of the oldest know textile fibres and is recognised for its beauty, luster and comfort. Your DIA Professional asks that you consider taking some simple steps to keep your garment looking its very best.”

  • Always store your silk in a cool, dry place. Never expose silk to prolonged sunlight
  • Be aware that perspiration and some deodorants can combine to create some of the most common causes of discolouration, colour loss and deterioration of silk fibres – clean your silks regularly if permanent damage is to be avoided
  • Some dyes on silk fabrics may bleed when wet with solutions containing alcohol – such as perfumes, cosmetics, some antiperspirants and alcohol drinks etc. Consult us for professional advice as soon as possible
  • Never attempt to remove stains from silk by rubbing and especially when damp. Silk fibres are delicate and are easily damaged.”
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