Stain Removal
If stains are not taken care of properly or are not visible to your eye, there is a high chance that they will oxidise or worse still, yellow with age.

The sooner that we contact your stained garments the better chance we have of removing the stain for you.


Our specialised staff have dry cleaning solutions and professional equipment that has been designed especially to remove stains that you would not be able to remove at home.

To assist us in removing stains, we ask that you do not try to do so at home. Applying household solutions on your item can make the stain harder for us to remove or even worse, may do irreparable damage to the item.

Here is a little bit of information about Invisible Stains, taken from the Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia Information Cards:

“Most ‘invisible stains’ start with a spillage, maybe champagne, lemonade etc. The damp fabric dries and little visible evidence remains. However the stain has not gone away. Most beverages contain sugars and with the passage of time and heat, the spilled substance will oxidize and cause staining. The stains vary in their degree of intensity but are usually yellow, tan or brown, depending upon their age, the staining substance and the fabric it contacts.

How can you help your DIA Professional to reduce the effect of such stains?

Have the garment cleaned as soon as possible and advise your dry cleaner if you have knowledge of any spillage. He/She will take extra care to treat these stains before cleaning.

Remember, permanent staining may be avoided if treated early”

The Spotting Process
Sometimes a garment is stained with a serious stain that even the dry-cleaning solution would have a tough time battling alone. Some staining agents, particularly of organic variety such as chocolate or sauce can be particularly hard to remove. Not to fear – our master drycleaner inspects all clothes before cleaning and if a heavy stain is present, he will treat the affected area with a steam wand using a wide array of cleaning solutions before cleaning in the dry-cleaning machine.

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